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In more ways than one, Kelly Williams is like one of her race cars, strategically driving her way forward at high-speed.  As spokesperson for Car Care Canada’s Be Car Care Aware campaign, Williams brings her experience as a race car driver, educator, safety advocate and promoter to the Canadian public.


Williams has driven race cars for over 15 years, beginning at the tender age of 17.  After graduating from teacher’s college at the University of Toronto in 1994, she decided to devote all of her energy to a racing career.  Her dedication and skills allowed her to quickly move through the ranks of Canadian motorsport.  Soon she started competing in the CASCAR Super Series, the most prestigious arena for stock car auto racing in Canada.


Today, Williams travels around the world with the Champcar Series as a Pace Car Driver.  She provides VIP tours of the Champcar circuits in one of the pace car team’s dynamic sports cars or acts as the official pace car driver. 


Williams also uses her training in education to teach advanced driving skills for various vehicle manufacturers with a strong focus on safe driving techniques. 


Recently Williams:

  • Tested NASCAR Craftsman Truck
  • Competed in the One Lap of America race
  • Hosted Mechanical Chicks on Global TV
  • Acted as an expert panelist on Canada’s Worst Driver, aired on Discovery
  • Promoted safety for Car Care Canada since 2004